Beaver County Industrial Museum
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Beaver County Industrial Museum Research Library
The Beaver County Industrial Museum has an extensive collection of documents, photographs, slides, film, videos and artifacts from various periods of the industrial history of Beaver County.  There is a large collection of books related to steel and records of the steel workers Unions 1211 and 1212 with a lesser number of books on local glass.  There is also an extensive collection of magazines and literature published by the companies that operated in Beaver County. 
​All of the A&S Railroad Employment records have been computerized and are available.
Moltrup Steel
All of the Moltrup Steel Employment records have been computerized and are available for use.
B&W Co.
A large volume of B&W publications of  products, magazines and slides
 are available for use. 
The book collection from the Beaver Falls Plant of B&W was moved to the museum in 2017.
J&L Steel
The largest collection in the museum is from J&L Steel.  There are slides, photographs, Men & Steel Magazines and Employment records and much more.   There is a J&L room as well. 
The United Steelworkers of America has records from both local unions 1211 and 1212 and much more.
Glass Companies
​There are a limited number of books from and about different glass companies  in Beaver County.
​A&S Railroad
Some of the many books and pamphlets in the stacks in the Museum Library.
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