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Blast Furnace Casting J&L Steel | Aliquippa, Pa.
Making Dinner Plates at Mayer China | Beaver Falls, Pa.
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About Beaver County Industrial Museum
The rich industrial past of Western Pennsylvania should and must be preserved, and the Beaver County Industrial Museum is working hard to that end. Glass was Beaver County's largest employer in the 19th century, and steel was the largest employer in the 20th century. In 1980, 61% of the work force in Beaver County worked in a steel mill. Today there is but a handful of steelworkers left in the county, and most steelworkers' unions are now amalgamated locals.  

With an entire room of glass on display and a video presentation of Fry Glass, you will be able to see how glass was made in the early 20th century in Beaver County.

The museum's photo collection contains thousands of color slides, color and black and white photographs, films, and DVDs from many industries that were in Beaver County. This collection includes more than 6,500 black and white photos from J&L Steel alone.
Combining steel and glass in one great museum!
Woman of Steel | 
J&L Aliquippa
Oven Ware by Fry Glass | Rochester, Pa. 
Co-Operative Flint Glass Company | Beaver Falls, Pa.
Steam whistle from the J&L Aliquippa Works South Mill Boiler House under blow at the 2012 B&O Youngstown whistle blow
The J&L Steel Motor Vessel Aliquippa on the Ohio River
Machine Shop at Keystone Driller Company | Beaver Falls, Pa.
Hammering steel at Colonial Steel | Monaca, Pa.
Beaver Falls Cutlery | Beaver Falls, Pa.
A 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, the Beaver County Industrial Museum is home to thousands of photographs, slides, and artifacts from the many companies and industries of the 19th and 20th centuries that would shape Beaver County and its people forever.

While the museum most prominently features the local glass and steel industries, you would be challenged to name a Beaver County industry that cannot be found within our massive collections.