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 Theme 2018:

United Steelworkers
in Beaver County
during the 20th century

A special emphasis on the Union Movement starting in 1933, through their heyday in Beaver County, up to the lockout and closing of the ATI plant in Midland will continue from last year.

We will be having a new large display on  World War 1 where you will be able to look up and see if you knew anyone from Beaver County in the war. There are photographs of the folks that left from the armory in New Brighton and the machine-gun Company from Beaver Falls. Also information on Col. Joe Thompson the counties only medal of horner winner. And many other items used in the war.
1918-2018 One hundred years.

The original Shippingport Atomic Power Station located in Shippingport, Beaver County Pennsylvania was the first large-scale, central-station nuclear power plant in the United States and the first plant of such size in the world operated solely to produce electric power. This program was started in 1953 to confirm the practical application of nuclear power for large-scale electric power generation. It has provided much of the technology being used for design and operation of the commercial, central-station nuclear power plants now in use.
The reactor reached criticality on December 2, 1957 and remained in operation until October 1982. The first electrical power was produced on December 18, 1957 as engineers synchronized the plant with the distribution grid of the Duquesne Light Company. 

  The Beaver County Industrial Museum will highlight three displays of the many on display.  Because of the great response from the public during 2014, the exhibit on the “Shippingport Atomic Power Station” will be continued . An expanded display on “Fry Glass” will be showcased as well. With these and all of the other displays at the Beaver County Museum there should be something for everyone interested is learning about Beaver County history. 

Please join us for this and all of the other exhibits at the Beaver County Industrial Museum

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